• No PBX, fewer headaches
  • Reduce capital expense, operationalize systems
  • Compatible with all major SIP phones including GrandStream, Mitel
  • Integration and implementation included
  • Easy to manage
  • Enable remote workforce
  • Expand disaster preparedness
  • Flexible and highly expandable

VoIP Solutions that make communication happen.

CRCOG is proud to partner, through competitive bid process, with Connecticut based Genie Innovations, Inc. (DBA IP-Genie) VoIP solutions to offer VoIP telephony to municipalities, schools, and public libraries on the Nutmeg Network. The CRCOG Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service enables full featured and flexible, hosted VoIP solutions for your communication needs.  Through this unique offer, municipalities, schools and public libraries can use their Nutmeg Network connection for robust and secure VoIP.

Traditional phone systems use expensive analog phones, require huge hardware investments, have limited functionality and flexibility, and require enormous ongoing line expenses.  The CRCOG VoIP service uses state of the art SIP phones, your municipality’s existing LAN, and a virtual PBX that resides in redundant locations on the Nutmeg Network.

The CRCOG VoIP services also enable advanced communications such as web and video conferencing, hot desking, “find me, follow me” and many more features.  The advanced technology, features, and reduced capital expense of CRCOG VoIP may be enough incentive for many municipalities.  For some municipalities, the operational savings on line fees will pay for any investments in short order and quickly yield net savings with a lower total cost of ownership.


  • CRCOG’s VoIP services leverage best of breed technology and access to resources like the Nutmeg Fiber Network.
  • Virtual PBX housed in the CRCOG Data Center and transmitted over the secure and reliable Nutmeg Network.
  • Scaled options (low, medium, high) that allow high performance within any budget.


For Inquiries and pricing information contact: Kim Bona