Mobility Management programs connect people with disabilities, seniors, and low-income individuals with accessible, reliable transportation options. These programs also seek to identify gaps and barriers to public transportation that prevent individuals from using existing services. Once gaps have been uncovered, Mobility Managers work with partners from the transportation and human service communities to find creative solutions, creating a “one-stop shop” where people can find transportation service that meets their needs.


Mobility Managers

Mobility Management Programs are available throughout Connecticut. Mobility Managers within these organizations show individuals their transportation options and help identify gaps and barriers within existing transportation systems. While most of the Capitol Region is served by Way to Go Connecticut, the CRCOG towns of Columbia, Coventry, Mansfield, and Willington fall within the coverage area of the Eastern Connecticut Transportation Consortium. The websites, guidebooks, and contact information for these resources are listed below.


Way to Go Connecticut

Guidebook: Individual guidebooks for each town are available here

Contact: Marlene Schempp, Regional Mobility Manager/Ombudsman

(860) 667-6207


Eastern Connecticut Transportation Consortium, Inc.

(Columbia, Coventry, Mansfield, and Willington)

Guidebook: Getting Around Eastern Connecticut

Contact: Tesiny Lassalle

(860) 848-5911


LOCHSTP – Locally Coordinated Public Transit Human Service Transportation Plan

In 2007, CRCOG partnered with adjacent Regional Planning Agencies to develop the Locally Coordinated Public Transit Human Service Transportation Plan (LOCHSTP) for the Hartford Urbanized Area. This document was part of the Connecticut Department of Transportation’s (CTDOT) larger LOCHSTP for the State of Connecticut. LOCHSTP identified gaps in services and recommended strategies to improve access to transportation services for elderly, low-income, and disability populations. This Plan was updated in 2009.


Locally Coordinated Public Transit Human Service Transportation Plan for the State of Connecticut (2007)

2009 Update to the Locally Coordinated Public Transit Human Service Transportation Plan for the State of Connecticut


Section 5310 – Enhanced Mobility of Seniors & Individuals with Disabilities

Section 5310 is a federal grant program that provides funding for projects that aim to enhance transportation for seniors and individuals with disabilities. Every year, CRCOG works in collaboration with CTDOT to select projects for 5310 funding through a competitive application process that is open to nonprofit organizations, government authorities, and public transportation providers. These projects must aim to solve gaps in service that have been identified as part of LOCHSTP.

Application cycles for Section 5310 funding typically open in early spring for funding allocated during the previous federal fiscal year. For more information on the application process, please contact Ryan Faulkner or visit the CTDOT Section 5310 page.


Current 5310 Status:

The application cycle for Section 5310 funds is currently open. Please visit CTDOT’s Section 5310 Application Page to fill out an application.