RESF-1 Transportation
RESF-2 Communications
RESF-3 Public Works
RESF-4 Firefighting
RESF-5 Emergency Management
RESF-6 Mass Care
RESF-7 Logistics Management and Public Works
RESF-8 Public Health and Medical Services
RESF-9 Search and Rescue
RESF-10 Hazardous Materials Response
RESF-11 Animal Response
RESF-13 Public Safety and Security
RESF-19 Special Needs Population

Regional Emergency Support Function (RESF) is a very basic function shared by all jurisdictions. Individual RESF’s identify organizations with resources and capabilities that align with a particular type of assistance or requirement frequently needed in a large-scale emergency or disaster. RESF’s are discipline oriented work groups providing a convenient alignment or typing of similar organizations, subject matter expertise, and activities from participating jurisdictions.

The RESF structure of the RESP parallels the emergency support function (ESF) structure of the National Response Framework (NRF), and complies with the National Incident Management System (NIMS).