Current Offerings – Available to all CT Municipalities

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Online Permitting Software

Through a competitive bidding process, CRCOG provides municipalities and the communities they serve access to fully automated, online, cloud-computing online permitting technology. The CRCOG Regional Online Permitting Program, in conjunction with ViewPoint Cloud and Municity Software, offer transparent application processes, user-friendly interfaces, and cost savings, organizing, streamlining, and tracking permitting operations and facilitating collaborations between departments by centralizing and automating workflows.

ViewPoint Cloud Contact Information, Carl Anderson, Senior Municipal Relationship Manager, 617-577-9000 ext. 107

Munity Contact Information, Wil Labossier, President, 845-758-0104

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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Through a competitive bidding process, CRCOG contracts to provide Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) services for advanced telecommunications allowing users to make/receive calls over the Internet.  Offering significant cost savings, flexibility and scalable advanced calling features, such as web and video conferencing, hot desking, “find me, follow me” and more, CRCOG provides these services to municipalities, schools, public libraries and governmental entities through competitive contracts with IP Genie and Mitel.   

IP Genie Contact Information, George Taylor, President, 860-610-6006 

Mitel Contact Information, Stephen Ratcliffe, Vice President (Intellinet), 860-606-1840 


Cybersecurity Infrastructure Services & Model Policies

With security threats on the rise, how sure are you that your municipality is protected?  Go from risk to resiliency with pre-negotiated pricing, infrastructure services and products provided through Novus Insight.  Transform your organization, drive growth, increase efficiency, and improve resiliency to prepare for the unexpected. Novus Insight can assess cybersecurity deficiencies, draft, and implement a Plan of Action, maintain, and monitor your network, train staff, and provide security risk assessments.   


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Fiber Infrastructure Services

CRCOG has contracted with Sertex Broadband to provide leading-edge network infrastructure services for broadband fiber optic and network cabling services, allowing participating towns, cities and municipalities to build high-speed networks that improve communications, connecting online resources and databases, upgrading data recovery capabilities to secure business continuity and developing fast, reliable, online data and broadband services to improve access to every home and business, especially for unserved and under served municipalities and communities.   

Sertex Broadband Contact Information, Shawn Harmon, Vice President of Operations, 860-317-1006 

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General IT Assistance

CRCOG has contracted with Novus Insight to provide a variety of general IT, hosting, and consulting services.  Novus Insight, a subsidiary of the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology (CCAT), a non-profit resource with expertise in municipality technology solutions, provides a wide spectrum of IT related services including, assessment, application development, migration services, consulting, hosting, and on-site support at a pre-negotiated contract rate, resulting in cost-savings to municipalities.  

Novus Insight Contact Information, Carl Fazzina, Senior Sales Manager, 860-282-4200 ext. 733 

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CRCOG Cloud Hosting

CRCOG Hosting Services enable municipalities to have private hosted IT infrastructure that is customized as a solution to their individual needs. CRCOG Hosting Services are provided through our IT Strategic Partner, Novus Insight. Novus can determine which systems are ready for cloud migration or are more appropriately maintained on premise.