Working together with the State Recovery Steering Committee and with local Recovery Committees,

Regional Recovery Steering Committees will coordinate efforts at a regional level and provide support to local efforts to develop a comprehensive and effective path to recovery from the COVID-19 public health emergency for all Connecticut residents and all communities.

Regional Recovery Steering Committees will:

  • Solicit input from impacted constituencies to identify short- and long-term unmet needs/gaps in resources to the State Recovery Steering Committee (ESF-14), assigning priorities and offering feasible ideas for potential solutions as possible;
  • Coordinate efforts to assess local and regional recovery needs and to develop responsive recovery plans with an emphasis on forward-leaning vision and resiliency as key goals;
  • Ensure communication regarding plans, resources, and guidance with Local Recovery Committees;
  • Develop Recovery Support Function Working Groups appropriate to the Region to build and implement an equitable, accessible, and effective recovery planning process; support regional and local response efforts by helping identify key leaders and organizations who can contribute;
  • In coordination with the State Recovery Steering Committee (ESF-14), develop and implement recovery progress measures to support and influence course-changes as recovery progresses;
  • Develop a long-term strategy to ensure that regions can mitigate risk over time and create resilient recovery systems so that communities can recover more quickly after future disasters.
Name Organization
William Turley (Ex Officio) DEMHS – Regional Coordinator
Laurie Whitten (Ex Officio) Town of Enfield
Name Organization
Lyle Wray CRCOG (Chair)
Todd Andrews Goodwin College
Jon Basso


Pastor Gervais Barger

American Red Cross


President-New Brit. Black Clergy Alliance



Melvyn Colon Director of the Community Building & Organizing Initiative at Neighbor works America
Lisa DeMatteis-Lepore Connections Incorporated Organization
Brenda Downing Salvation Army
Rev. Mack Elder VP of Econ. Dev. Missionary Baptist Convention
David Fichandler Hartford HealthCare
Jennifer Gifford United Way
Angela Harris Phillips Health Ministries and West Indian Foundation
Beverely Henry
Pastor AJ Johnson Christian Activities Council (organizer) Urban Hope Refuge Church
Maureen McIntyre Chief Executive Officer, North Central Area Agency on Aging (NCAAA)
Julio Mendoza Business Rep  / Spanish Community
Matt Morgan Journey Home
Scott Shanley Manchester
Lydia “Lily” Herrere Velez Community Without Limits