Per the State’s 2007 Homeland Security Strategy and CRCOG’s 2007 Homeland Security Grant Program requirements, communities are required to submit specific resource information using a standardized FEMA format.  Additionally, this information is required under  CT General Statute 28-22a Intrastate Mutual Aid Compact Article III sub sec. (3).

The documents linked below are specific to resources held within municipal public works departments, highway departments, or parks and recreation departments.  The documents include

To complete the Public Works resource typing for your community

  1. Download resource spreadsheet
  2. Complete as appropriate – either by direct entry, or cut and paste data from other sources
  3. Save the file with your community name in the title, e.g. Bloomfield PW-Resource Typing
  4. Email document to David Gofstein at

Any questions can be emailed directly to , or Carmine Centrella at