CRCOG has compiled a summary of the various service sharing our municipalities do.  The categories are as follows: Back Office, Public safety, Intratown and Equipment or Other Sharing.  PDF printable versions of these graphics are available at the bottom of this page. PDF Versions: Back Office Sharing Public Safety Sharing Intra-town Sharing Equipment Sharing
Connecticut Strategic Economic Framework 1999 Mission: The Connecticut Regional Institute for the 21st Century, a coalition of public, private and institutional leadership, was formed to develop a framework for understanding the economic activity and organizations in the state. This "Framework Analysis" is designed to be a first step in understanding and stimulating action on economic challenges [...]
Documents March 26, 2016 Meeting CT Volume 1 CT Volume 2 CT Volume 3 Tax Panel CGA Presentation December 15, 2015 Meeting General Business Taxation General Retail Sales Tax Agenda Rev-EG Probate Language Property Tax Draft Rec. Minutes Individual Income Tax December 8, 2015 Meeting CT Panel Guidelines and Criteria Adopted 5-12-2015 CT Economy CPIT [...]