What is recruitment?

Beginning in the spring, CRCOG announces open enrollment for any municipality, board of education or other public entity to join the CRCOG Electricity Consortium. For returning Consortium members, this is an opportunity to review your accounts and make any necessary changes.


When does enrollment take place?

Enrollment begins in the spring and forms are usually due in the summer.

Is the commitment firm once I enroll?

No, there will be many points during the procurement process at which you can opt out, up until the RFQ is released to the vendor community in the late summer or early fall.

What is required to enroll?

Interested members can reach out to Kim Bona to express initial interest and get more information. After that, members will fill out the Enrollment Packet, a letter of authorization to obtain account information from your energy provider (EversourceUnited Illuminating). This allows CRCOG to begin analysis of your energy needs.


How is procurement carried out? 

CRCOG in consultation with the energy consultant typically conducts a reverse auction in the early fall, or whenever the energy markets are most beneficial to the members.

The energy consultant analyses the aggregated accounts of the consortium enrolled members and advises on the best time, method and terms to procure energy.

What can I expect to save?

In 2018 there was an estimated savings of over $33,114 per member over a two year contract term.

What if I have green energy needs or other special electricity needs?

CRCOG and the energy consultant can work with you to meet your town’s energy requirements!


Beyond procurement, the Electricity Consortium offers these additional energy management services:


The Energy Consortium program also offers auditing of your historical and current invoices to ensure accuracy. The energy consultant will identify mistakes and return overcharges to you. There is no fee for this service unless savings are found and successfully returned to your agency.


Other options in the program include:

  • Online energy dashboard to track your monthly usage and costs
  • Energy budgeting assistance
  • Performance tracking
  • Smart-grid meter services.